Call for Proposal

Funding allocated under this scheme is intended to support the activities of established DARIAH Working Groups that are currently active. It intends to offer practical support for their programmes, encouraging Working Groups to put forward innovative ideas, run initial programmes, and build up capacity to suggest new services or help develop and sustain existing ones.


The funding scheme is being run against the four DARIAH strategic pillars:

  • Marketplace to facilitate fluid exchange of tools, services, data and knowledge

  • Access to education and training 

  • Working Groups, Hubs and other forms of Transnational and Transdisciplinary organisation (Community Formation)

  • Bridges between research policy and communities of practice (Advocacy and Impact)


Given the interrelated nature of the DARIAH research communities, more than one of the above themes may be referenced in any bid.  

Grants will be issued up to a maximum of €5.000 per WG, for activities carried out from the signature of the Grant Agreement by both parties and until 30 May 2023. Two (or more) Working Groups can also apply for a joint project and request a funding grant of up to €10.000. The overall budget available in this call is  €40.000. 



Before submitting a proposal, please read the detailed Call for Proposals and Terms and Conditions carefully. Applicants are expected to follow the Application Form template to structure their proposal.

Applications should be submitted as a separate file (PDF or DOC format) to the DARIAH CIO team by 10 December 2021 via the submission page. On this page, you will be guided through the following steps:

 1. Metadata: provide the title of your project and an abstract (copy this from your application form), and select the topic that best represent your project;

2. Author(s): select yourself and/or your fellow WG chair as author. If your profile is not complete yet, please provide the contact details that you are being asked for. 

3. File(s): upload the full text of your project proposal. There is no need to upload any supplementary data;

4. Overview: review the details and submit your proposal.


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